Why The ‘Midaxi’ Hem Is The Only Thing You Should Wear This Winter

Why The ‘Midaxi’ Hem Is The Only Thing You Should Wear This Winter

We're no stranger to a made-up fashion word. Throughout our sartorial travels, we occasionally encounter trends or movements so specific; they come with their own descriptor.

(Think you've escaped the influence of the fashion portmanteau? Think: Athleisure, shrobing and troulottes.)

But now there's another fashion mash-up on our radars—one that we're happy to add to our styling vocab: midaxi.

Just as it sounds, 'midaxi' is a mix between 'midi' and 'maxi,' in reference to hemlines. The perfect 'midaxi' falls below the mid-calf range of 'midi,' but above the floor-grazing limits of the 'maxi.'

The perfect three-inch strip of skin that says 'Yeah, this dress is pretty long, but at least I don't need to hitch up the hem to climb stairs.' There's a little bit of 'I might have scandalised a dandy in 1890, but this flash of ankle would have won me a husband in 1918' in there, too.


"Midaxi—a length once considered only suitable for librarians—is perhaps the most stylish, versatile and sensible hem-line this season," divulges ELLE's Market Editor, Samantha Wong.

"Don't dismiss librarian-chic entirely, the midaxi is worn best paired with a blazer and pumps—alternatively, embrace the offbeat length with a tall boot."
"For cold, early morning commuters whose offices are cranked to sauna-like temperatures, the midaxi hem is your chic saving grace," says Wong.
Interested in investing into the midaxi? 


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